The importance of fuel cost calculation is beyond description. Due to car owners' cost-efficiency and fuel-efficiency. Fuel costing is beneficial as it helps estimate your future fuel budget.

At the same time, comparing the current engine fuels, you can select the appropriate one. Different car brands and models have different fuel consumption rates respective to MPG.

Fuel cost for different car brands with model

Your car’s fuel consumption can be varied due to many issues. The issues can be different speeds, variable driving conditions (road types); low, medium, high speed, extra high speed and combined, car brands and models any many more.

There are two trusted ways for calculating your real fuel cost. they are WLTP (worldwide harmonized light vehicle test procedure) and RDE( real driving emissions). These two ways are practiced and used globally for fuel consumption calculation with maximum guaranteed accuracy.

These two new standards are sure to give a much more accurate measure of a car's fuel economy and emissions.

The importance of converting your car’s fuel system into LPG

The other fuels such as diesel, petrol, biodiesel, propane are not as cost-efficiency and environment-saving as LPG. After driving your car for a premium amount of days, you will be left to feel LPG is the ultimate solution for saving your car's fuel cost possibly. It will also be reinforced with an affordable LPG price, extra mileage, less fuel combustion, and emissions.

Converting a car's fuel system into LPG is an ongoing trend in the automobile industry around the world. It has witnessed a great increasing expansion due to fuel cost-efficiency, cheap and effective maintenance, cheap LPG conversion price, available filling stations, and so on.

How to Calculate fuel Cost?

Whatever a car’s fuel system is, you can predict and measure your car’s fuel consumption together with cost.

To calculate a car’s fuel consumption and cost, you need to have some data. These data should be about fuel type along with price per liter, desired mileage, car brands with models. Check your desired fuel price per liter. The price varies from place to place and country to county due to exchange rate, Tax, and instability of importers. At present, the price of LPG per liter is between TK 40 to TK 50 in Bangladesh.

There are many online calculators to predict and measure a car's fuel cost with MPG. to calculate your fuel cost, you will be required to have the above-mentioned data for the actual calculation. Here are some online calculators for calculating fuel cost:

  1. Fleet News
  3. RapidTables
  4. ELGAS

LPG is enjoying a great preference to be considered as the alternative to octane, petrol, or diesel and is on the rise in Bangladesh. The present number of autogas filling stations in Bangladesh is 120. Besides, Beximco, Bushundhara, and Energypac are going to set up 1,000 autogas filling stations across the country very soon.

The use of LPG offers varied premium benefits including financial outcomes. Convert your car’s fuel system into LPG to grab these outstanding benefits.