In recent years, we all know about the importance of LPG conversion in Bangladesh. Though most of the transports in Dhaka & other areas are running on CNG. But due to the advancement of the technology LPG is taking the place of CNG. That is why we are suggesting people convert their car fuel system to LPG. This will help them a lot to save money, increasing the efficiency of car mileage, and many more.

Why LPG conversion in Bangladesh important?

Now let’s check why we are suggesting you convert your car into LPG in Dhaka. As this is the most traffic-congested area, LPG helps you to cut costs in a whole lot of ways. That is why you have to look for the best LPG conversion in Dhaka for the best service. We have seen that the car LPG conversion price in Bangladesh is decreasing day by day. So we have seen that the future of LPG in Bangladesh is very bright.

Advantage or LPG over CNG/Petrol

Both Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) have become the most-used fuel alternatives for the car industry. But the current state of the car industry is experiencing a great trend for converting cars into LPG from CNG.

The reasons behind this ongoing engine conversion are many and some of them are environment-oriented ingredients than CNG, engine’s life span, cost-effectiveness, fast-growing LPG infrastructure, and safety issues. The government of Bangladesh is assisting the LPG industry in many ways. They are promoting the import & its LPG conversion infrastructure all over the country.

Though both CNG and LPG are natural and have natural merits to lessen environmental pollution, conscious people nowadays prefer LPG because of its less environmental pollution compared with other liquid fuels. It also checks and lessens the production of CO2, HCHO, PAH, NOX, C6H6, HC, and SO2. The presence of propane produces two times more energy than methane, the primary components of CNG.

At the same time, it causes clean burning compared with liquid fuel. It causes environmental pollution massively. Due to this, the importance of LPG conversion in Dhaka is high.

Besides, propane is mostly known for its combustion characteristics and it leads to the increasing demand for LPG conversion that is not happening with CNG.

Engine’s lifespan can be promoted through converting engines into LPG. Propane produces two times more energy that affects the engine performance at a minimum level while CNG reduces the power of the engine by approximately 10%. LPG results in a maximum power loss of about 2-3%, which preserves the vehicle's performance whereas CNG results at most in a 5-10% drop in speed. The affordable maintenance cost of LPG converted engines increases the durability and offers a long last use.

Along with that, using LPG makes you benefit in many ways and ensures cost-effectiveness. In terms of maintenance, you need less costly kits and cylinders compared to CNG and you are not required to refill tanks frequently. Despite having cheap availability, the conversion cost of a vehicle to CNG is two times higher than that of it. The expanding availability of engine parts and workshops helps minimize operating costs.

It can be easily assumed the present world is now undergoing a significant change where LPG conversion is another phenomenon to facilitate this change. The fastest spreading of LPG infrastructure is promoting its use in vehicles. The increasing number of filling stations, workshops, availability of parts, and tools are the reason behind its flourishment. Its thriving popularity can be understood by its presence in 50 countries, including Bangladesh and 5 continents.

Last note:

The Bangladesh government promotes the fastest expansion of LPG conversion along with varied financial aids and technical supports. The government is emphasizing this issue due to its offered benefits and guessing the future transformation in the car industry. So, to be updated and to meet the future demand, engine conversion to LPG will make you advanced and benefited.